Well-Being at Columbia

As a member of the Columbia community, your well-being outside of the classroom is just as important as your academic success. Here are campus resources, programs and practical strategies for well-being to help you achieve a balance and adjust to your life as a Columbia student.

Well-Being Resources

Get health, wellness and well-being resources including guides, videos articles and more.

Student Voices on Well-Being

Read what your peers have to say on wellness at Columbia.



You can also contribute your ideas and energy to our University-wide focus on mental health, well-being and community on campus through initiatives like Wellness Days @ Columbia and the Student Well-Being Survey! 

Wellness Days @ Columbia

Wellness Days offer students a series of events and workshops focused on supporting the mental health and well-being of the Columbia Community. 

Student Well-Being Survey

The overall goal of the Columbia Student Well-Being Survey is to enhance campus life and the experience of every Columbia student.

The 2020 survey is now underway. Learn more.