Student Voices on the Compact

During this extraordinary time, maintaining a healthy Columbia community is more important than ever! Many students are doing their part by becoming Student Ambassadors or sharing their reasons for following the Columbia Community Health Compact. See their videos, blogs and vlogs, and let us know what you think!

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Keep Our Community Healthy


Students from across Columbia share their personal motivations for following the Columbia Community Health Compact and their experiences as a student at Columbia during the time of COVID-19. Want to add your own voice? Fill out this form to tell us how you’d like to help Keep Our Community Healthy.

Student Testimonials

Charlene Lau, GSAS

Charlene reminds the Columbia community how easily this virus can hit close to home and become more than just a number.

Kennedi Wade, SEAS

Kennedi offers an optimistic outlook on the future and reminds fellow students to lean into their creativity during this time. 

Wesley Schmidt, CC

Wesley shares why he keeps the compact for the entire Columbia community, including his local neighbors in Morningside Heights. 

Ozzie Celik, SEAS

Ozzie recalls how she asked others to #KeeptheCompact in a public elevator. 

Ochuko Okor, GSAPP 

Ochuko shares her thoughts on how we are all interconnected in our efforts to #StayHealthy.

Souvik Chatterjee, SIPA

Souvik shares a practical outlook on COVID-19 prevention. 

Shushu Crevoshay, GS

Shushu offers some tips to remember your face covering before you head outside. 

Student Vlogs

Erika Mitsui, VP&S

Join Erika as she returns to campus and reflects on what it's like to be a student during this extraordinary time. #StayHealthy #KeeptheCompact. 

Student Blogs

Nicole Saldarriaga, SoA

Nicole reflects on what it's like to be a student during this extraordinary time and opens up about how she started writing again. #StayHealthy #KeeptheCompact. 

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John "Jack" Fant, VP&S

Jack shares his thoughts on what key attribute has helped him stay on track with his studies during COVID-19.

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