This section provides context and contacts for Columbia students seeking support or assistance navigating resources.

DACA/Undocumented Students Liaison

Associate Vice President for Student Life Ixchel Rosal serves as the University liaison for DACA and undocumented students and is available to meet with students individually or in groups to provide guidance or referrals on topics such as legal assistance, educational financing, housing, diversity and inclusion, health services and admissions.

AVP for Student Life Rosal is available to meet with students. Request an appointment through Caroline Hirsch.


Columbia Law School Immigrants’ Rights Clinic Defense Initiative

The Columbia Law School Immigrants’ Rights Clinic provides free, confidential advice and representation to Columbia students and staff at risk of deportation in the United States who have DACA, who are otherwise undocumented (with or without pending immigration applications or cases), or who have immigration status but are at risk of deportation. 

Assistance is available at no cost and includes:

Individual screenings: Those at risk of deportation can schedule a confidential screening to discuss their individual immigration case, conducted by law students in the Columbia Law School Immigrants’ Rights Clinic and Columbia Professor Elora Mukherjee. If you have an urgent matter, like an upcoming hearing or court date, please indicate this. Following initial screenings, students and staff with cases suitable for pro bono representation will be referred to volunteer lawyers for possible representation and advocacy.
Travel Monitoring: Those traveling internationally can sign up to be matched with a travel monitor who will notify emergency contacts at the Columbia Law School Immigrants’ Rights Clinic if you encounter any issues re-entering the United States. 

Pro-Bono Legal Representation and Other Assistance

Undocumented students at Columbia University can work directly with a lawyer on immigration-related issues at no cost, thanks to arrangements the University has made for pro bono legal representation for DACA and undocumented students. 
In addition, small-group information sessions for Columbia students who are undocumented or who are DACA recipients also can be arranged. 
The Office does not keep records of who attends these sessions. 

Support from Counseling & Psychological Services (Columbia Health)

Students who are concerned about immigration policies affecting DACA recipients and undocumented students can reach out to Dr. Eduvigis Cruz-Arrieta, a clinical psychologist whose expertise and interests include life transitions, multicultural concerns, diversity and health disparity-related issues, and trauma and post-traumatic stress.

Students are welcome to call Counseling and Psychological Services to request an appointment with Dr. Cruz-Arrieta. Alternatively, they may drop by Urgent Mental Health Concerns drop-in to see a CPS provider the same day at Lerner 502, Monday through Thursday from 6-9 p.m. (Check-in closes at 8:30 p.m.)

Contact Dr. Cruz-Arrieta at 212-854-2878 or