Proposed Title IX regulations and Columbia’s commitment to gender-based misconduct prevention and response

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

As we review the newly proposed regulations on Title IX from the U.S. Department of Education, I want to affirm Columbia’s commitment to creating a community free from gender-based misconduct and to responding to incidents that occur with support and processes that are fair to all members of our community and sensitive to the issues involved.

The proposed regulations, which address how schools around the U.S. respond to reports of sexual assault and other gender-based misconduct, are part of a much broader context that shapes Columbia’s work on these issues.  Most basic are our core values of nondiscrimination and sexual respect – learn more at – and the many efforts led by students, faculty and staff across Columbia on these issues. In addition, New York’s Enough is Enough law, which addresses protections for students on issues related to sexual assault and other gender-based misconduct, as well as New York City and State law on sexual harassment and related issues, also provide significant regulation and guidance.

With a continuing commitment to all in our University community,

Suzanne B. Goldberg 
Executive Vice President for University Life


For those interested in more about the proposed regulations:

What are the proposed regulations? When do they go into effect?

  • The regulations, issued on November 16, 2018, propose changes to the ways in which most schools in the United States respond to reports of sexual harassment, assault and other gender-based misconduct.  The Department of Education has prepared a one page description of major changes, which you can find here:
  • The proposed regulations have not yet taken effect.  The first step is the 60-day public comment period, taking place now.  After this period ends, the Department of Education can finalize the regulations, which may be quickly or could take several months or longer.

What does this mean for me at Columbia?

  • All of Columbia’s definitions, resources and procedures for students remain in effect at this time.  You can find all of them at, along with information about Columbia’s Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative and our annual report on Gender-Based Misconduct Prevention and Response. 
  • Columbia’s current policies and practices are already consistent with many of the proposed regulations related to providing students with support and having a process for responding to reports of gender-based misconduct designed to ensure fair treatment of all students.
  • Any changes required by the new regulations, when they take effect, will be shared university-wide through updates via University Life and in other ways so that all in our community continue to have full information about Columbia’s deep commitment to gender-based misconduct prevention and response. For information about policies applicable to faculty and staff, please see EOAA's website (


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