Gender-Based Misconduct Prevention Task Force Releases 2015-16 Report

Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Columbia Students, Faculty and Staff Share Findings and Recommendations

Since Fall 2015, dozens of students, faculty members and staff from across Columbia have come together as a Task Force to discuss and work decisively on how the University can create a climate in which all can learn, work, and live free from gender-based misconduct, including sexual violence.  

This report from the Columbia University Gender-Based Misconduct Prevention Task Force is part of the result. It summarizes the group’s work to date and outlines recommendations for the University, some of which already are underway.
As the Report states, its fundamental goal is to engage the full University community – students, faculty, and staff – in the important and ongoing work of preventing gender - ­based misconduct from occurring on our campuses and in our schools.
You can read the report here, and share your comments and suggestions with the Task Force via