Malcolm's Worldmaking Practice: Reclaiming His Local & Global Legacy

Monday, February 22, 2021
5:30pm to 8:00pm

Columbia University’s Center for the Study of Muslim Societies in partnership with the Shabazz Center are excited to put forth a discussion highlighting Malcolm X’s enduring vision at the intersections of Black radical power, Islam and global anti-imperialism. As we continue organizing around the movement for Black lives and strategize on how to build resilient communities in the wake of COVID-19, we seek to highlight the relevance of Malcolm’s vision and worldmaking practice specifically within the tradition of liberation theology, as a modality through which he framed dynamics of power, inequity, and sovereignty. In exploring Malcolm’s local and global legacy through this lens, we seek to use his framework to also aid in the decolonizing and reframing of the relationship between Columbia, the Harlem community and The Shabazz Center.

Panelists: Prof. Hisham Aidi, Prof. Marc Lamont Hill, Najha Zigbi-Johnson

Moderator: Sumaiya Amin Zama

This event is funded by the Racial Justice Mini-Grant Program.