University pledges to maintain support for students as Trump administration announces new sexual misconduct rules

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

In light of the official release of the Department of Education’s new proposed regulations regarding sexual misconduct, the University will stand by its values that emphasize student safety and support, according to Executive Vice President of University Life Suzanne Goldberg. Under federal mandate, however, Columbia’s own policies and procedures—particularly those regarding adjudication processes—may be forced to change.

While officially proposed by the Trump administration, these regulations—which will reshape Obama-era Title IX policies to focus on protecting the rights of the accused, and narrow the definition of harassment, among other changes—still require a 60-day public comment period and an additional three-month period before they are codified into federal law. The regulations outline both suggestions and mandates that govern how a University will be obligated to adjudicate cases of misconduct, the latter by which Columbia may have to abide, according to Goldberg.

“We will continue to do what we do and make very clear that whatever changes federal regulation might ultimately require. We want to support students in reporting incidents of misconduct and in knowing that if they report, all students involved in the process will be treated fairly in the sensitivity of the issues,” Goldberg said.


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